AZ Inter-church Youth Camp 2018

AZ Youth Camp is an inter-church ministry which was formed to help students know Christ through His Word. Youth camp provides a Gospel-centered, high-energy summer retreat that explores the Bible and life with Jesus Christ. Our staff places incredible value on the Bible, prayer, and partnering with the local church so that the lives of our […]

Young Adult Retreat 2018

Our young adult ministry held a retreat in San Diego, California during Memorial Day Weekend. Our guest speaker, Pastor Bruce Ford, shared on how churches can pass the leadership baton to the next generation and how God brings people into leadership roles. As a group, we can’t wait to see how our spiritual gifts can be […]

Pastor’s Corner | Making Friends

A while back, I was in a medical lab where I came across an elderly couple with a problem.  I quietly listened as they spoke Cantonese to each other about their lack of English skills.  They tried to use their telephone as a translator but it wasn’t working well.  I knew it would appear strange for […]

Pastor’s Corner | Words To Consider

Jesus said, “It is not that which goes into the mouth that defiles a man but that which comes out of his mouth.”  Then, having heard this, his disciples said to Him, “Don’t you know that the Pharisees were offended by your words for what you’ve said?” (Matt 15:10 – 12)  耶 穌 就 叫 了 眾 人 來 , 對 他 們 說 「 你 們 要 聽 , 也 要 明 白 。 入 口 的 不 能污 穢 人 , 出 口 的 乃 能 污 穢 人 。」當 時 , 門 徒 進 前 來 對 他 說 :「 法 利 賽 人聽 見 這 話 不 服  , 你 知 道 麼 ?」(馬太15:10-12)  For the Jews, the rules […]