Pastor’s Corner | Worship Is Not A Show

A couple of years back, I attended a meeting of ministers & co-workers in Houston, Texas. Having been active within that circle previously, it was enjoyable to see old friends as we made new ones. With only a minor role in the proceedings of the meetings, I still found myself headed to the platform on […]

Pastor’s Corner | Reflections on Easter

Our Easter Weekend at FCBC has come and gone and it was a JOY to see God’s family gather together in serving and celebration!  In unified purpose and participation did our joint family worship in prayers, singing, testimonies, and praise of the sacrifice that Christ offered on our behalves.  From the Deacons and Choir that […]

Pastor’s Corner | Wineskins

簡牧师的话: “Wineskins” "皮袋" There is a story about a young girl that wanted to learn how to make Banana Bread at home. When asking her mom about why she always cut off the end of the bread before she placed it in the oven, her mom simply replied that she prepared it that way because […]