Pastor’s Corner | Reflections on Easter

Our Easter Weekend at FCBC has come and gone and it was a JOY to see God’s family gather together in serving and celebration!  In unified purpose and participation did our joint family worship in prayers, singing, testimonies, and praise of the sacrifice that Christ offered on our behalves.  From the Deacons and Choir that brought us guidance in the Good Friday service via music and the Lord’s Supper to the early morning Sunrise Service where we worshiped in the fresh air and listened to testimonies and words of encouragement, we found focus.  We are not a perfect church without issues or struggles but to observe the hungry desire of our brothers and sisters to know Christ, and present His name to the lost, is most encouraging!  Let us all pray that the Lord will motivate us to recognize we are 
“called of God to serve Him” even as we recognize our own limitations.  The church is not now, nor has it ever been, a body that focuses on our own feelings and but is a body of Christians who pray and are concerned about the spiritual welfare of those around us. Bless you all!  


  我們在鳳城第一華人浸信會的復活節崇拜來了又去了。非常喜樂看到上帝的家庭合聚一起伺奉及慶祝!  我們的聯合崇拜在合一的目標及參與中,大家一齊禱告、唱詩、見證及讚美基督為我們的犧牲奉獻。從執事到詩班帶領在禮拜五受難節崇拜的詩班獻詩及聖餐分享;禮拜天的晨曦,我們在戶外清新的空氣下聆聽見證及分享,聚焦於敬拜上帝。  我們不是一個完美無缺,沒有爭扎的教會,但是觀察我們弟兄姐妹對基督的饑渴追求和向未信者傳揚祂的名是最令人鼓舞的!  讓我們全體一齊祈求上帝會推動我們,即使我們明知我們有限制,我們是「被上帝呼召,伺奉祂的」。  教會現在不是,過去也不曾,只是著重我們自己感覺,而是為我們周遭人的靈命益處禱告、祈求的基督徒群體。 


  主僕, 簡國忠

Pastor’s Corner | Social Club, Service Organization, Or What?

We all know that the church is the living, breathing, embodiment of Christ.  Christ is to be our Head….when we allow Him to be.  Yet, in today’s society, the church is also seen as a “grouping of people.”  We are not to allow confusion for the church being seen as a mere building but our “grouping” is a legitimate manifestation of who we are.

So, what is the difference between us an any other group that meets regularly?  There are Garden Clubs, Home Village Clubs, Hiking Clubs, Cycling Clubs, Environmental Organizations, Neighbourhood Associations, Health Organizations, etc. To the untrained eye, the church is easily misunderstood as “just another alternative” for meeting one’s own private spiritual needs.

FCBC is currently one church among many.  We provide our services and activities for our people but we must ask ourselves if this is enough to have the Father look at us and say, “well done my faithful servants.”  Maybe we need to move beyond discussions on “relevant ministries” to the point of serving and acting in a relevant way?  Dream about something that you love to do and let us see if that can become an area of outreach ministry for our church!  Get a group of friends together and then push out to the lost who might enjoy this as well.  Look up different organizations and see what we can start as a new ministry of FCBC!  People come to know Christ through relationships of caring.  We must choose how we will use our time…on ourselves only or in reaching others.  Luke 5:32: “I came not to call the righteous but the lost…” We choose our service!


我們都知道,教會是有基督存在、有祂生命氣息的實體。 基督是我們的頭…要是我們真的讓祂有這主權的話。 然而,在今天的社會中,教會也被視為一個「群體」。 我們不應讓教會被混淆地視為只是一座建築物,其實我們是一個能彰顯我們實際是誰的「群體」。

那麼,我們和那些定期聚會的群體有什麼區別呢? 這裏有園藝會、鄉村俱樂部,爬山會、單車會、環保組織、社區協會、醫療機構等。 對那些沒有深入認識的人,教會很容易被誤解「只是另一種選擇」, 用以滿足私人靈性需求 的組織。

目前,第一华人浸信会只是眾多教會中的其中之一。 我們為自己的弟兄姐妹提供服事和活動,但我們必須問自己,這是否能讓天父看著我們說:「良善的僕人,做得好。」? 或許我們需要不只是討論「合宜事工」的有關服事及相關的辦法? 夢想一下你最愛做的事情,看看是否可以成為我們教會外展的新事工! 先找一群相同意念的朋友在一起,然後推展到其他有同樣愛好的未信朋友。 查查不同的機構組織,看看我們可以在第一华人浸信会開始些什麼新的事工! 人都是透過關懷關係來認識基督。 我們必須選擇如何運用我們的時間….只是用在自己身上還是與别人相交? 路加福音5:32「 我來本不是召義人, 乃是召罪(失喪的)人…..」。 我們要選擇我們的服事!

Pastor’s Corner | Wineskins

簡牧师的话: “Wineskins” "皮袋"

There is a story about a young girl that wanted to learn how to make Banana Bread at home. When asking her mom about why she always cut off the end of the bread before she placed it in the oven, her mom simply replied that she prepared it that way because her mother had done it that way. The mother then encouraged the daughter tocall her grandmother and ask why she did this. Receiving the phone call, the grandmother laughed and said, “I cut off the end before placing it in the oven because I had a small oven and a cooking pan that was short!



The obvious point is that we don’t always choose the best and most efficient approaches. We don’t even understand why we do many things or reevaluate what is true or useful. We function out of habit, custom, convenience, and other reasons. Yet, “cooking the banana bread” in the way it was cooked 40 years ago simply because that was their situational need should remind us that we do need to understand the needs of FCBC today and not be “outdated” in our ministries and outreach.

很 明顯的是我們都不常選擇最好和最有效的方法。我們甚至不明白自己為何做這些事情,或再次評估方法是否真確或有用。我們經常只靠習慣、傳統、方便或其他原因來處理事情。但是,四十年前烤香蕉蛋糕的方式是因為當時的局限;這正提醒了我們必須明白鳳凰城第一華人浸信會今天的需要,不要在我們的事工和傳福音上「過時」。

We need “new wine in new wineskins”…..for the sake of the lost (Lk 5:36-39). May our customs and traditions never restrain our hunger to be relevant and a learning congregation.

為了那些失喪的靈魂…我們需要把新酒放在新皮袋裏(路5:36-39). 願我們的習慣和傳統永遠也不會限制我們成為一個趕上歩伐、不斷學習的羣體.