Pastor’s Word: Heresy is Still Dangerous | 异端仍然是危险的

Recently, we looked at the first chapter of Colossians where Paul expressed his love of that church and his concern that some heretical theology had been allowed into their body.  Paul, as a responsible Christian leader who could see the danger of “bent theology” hurting true Christian beliefs, saw his role as active by sending a warning to the church.   With that as a background, we too need to remain vigilant and hold strong to the Biblical teachings that guide our church.

Over the years, I’ve been approached by Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Eastern Lightening believers, and others that have claimed the Bible as their foundational standard, and yet, they had additional teachings taking them outside of the standard Christian faith.  Indeed, any church has the responsibility of “vetting” those who become members of their body.  Recently, I had a person identified as a Oneness Pentecostal who sought me out to present his thinking on this and how it could help our church. With most conservative Protestants viewing Oneness Pentecostalism as a theological cult, I listened with concern.  Oneness theology specifically maintains that God is absolutely and indivisibly one even as it fully opposes Trinitarian doctrine. Oneness believers baptize in the name of Jesus Christ only rather than using the Trinitarian norm.  According to Oneness Theology, the Son of God did not exist prior to the incarnation of Jesus.  Yes, we must all be on guard as we recognize that our theological stances are not just theory but impact our lives.




过去,摩门教、耶和华见证会、东方闪电都向我传他们的道理;他们宣称圣经是他们的基础标准,但是他们也有他们自己加添的道理,引导他们离开标准的基督徒信仰。事实上任何教会都有责任「审查」那些混杂在他们当中的会员。最近有一个人自称是五旬节一体会人,他找我谈有关这方面他的想法和怎么可以帮助我们教会。大多数保守派的基督徒视五旬节一体会教义是异端。我听的时候,很担心。一体会神学主要是说上帝是绝对的,不可分割的,而且是唯一的,他们甚至完全反对三一神学教义。一体会的信仰者是仅在耶稣基督一个名下受浸,而非三一真神为基准。根据一体会神学,上帝的儿子在 耶稣道成肉身之前是不存在的。是的,我们必须注意我们的认知,我们的神学立足点不只是理论,它也会影响到我们的生命。